How to choose the best cooling mattress

Everyone always wants to be cool and sleeping is definitely no different.

Giving off a lot of body heat and sleeping hot is a common nightly occurrence for many sleepers. Sleeping hot can occur due to a variety of reasons including room temperature, body weight, mattress material, and overall diet. 

Thankfully, people who sleep hot have options to start sleeping cooler and one of the main components would be switching to a mattress that breathes a bit easier. Specific mattresses absorb more body heat which leads to warmer conditions that can make for uncomfortable and disrupted sleep patterns. Nobody wants to wake up halfway through the night sweating, tossing, and turning. Some mattresses are made out of different materials that give off less body heat and make for better air circulation, resulting in a much cooler sleep. 

On today’s mattress market, the majority of mattresses try to combat the hot sleep and new technology has made it easier for fibers in the mattress to give off cooling sensations and promotes a better air circulation to try to rid people of having to suffer through humid and hot nights. 

When choosing a cool mattress, you’ll want to do some research as to which mattresses give off the least amount of heat. 

But first, you’ll need to figure out which type of sleeper you are. Sleepers who tend to doze on their sides might favour choosing a mattress that contours their bodies better, stomach sleepers might want something a bit softer to protect their vital organs, and back sleepers might want a mattress that’s a bit firmer. 

With that said, there are a variety of different mattresses on the market to consider. When it comes to sleeping cool however, hybrid mattresses tend to be popular among the masses. 

Hybrid mattresses are all about fusing memory foam and latex varieties together to give sleepers the best of both worlds. 

When choosing a cooling mattress, you’ll want one that offers flexibility and plenty of bounce. Mattresses that are exclusively memory foam are known to trap a lot of heat and many hot sleepers stay away from them as a result. Some memory foam mattresses do contain cooling materials to sway away from the getting trapped into too much nighttime heat. Some memory foam mattresses have a top layer made of foam that has a gel infusion which helps to alleviate heat from getting trapped inside the mattress. 

A lot of hot sleepers tend to favour innerspring mattresses because it has two sets of metal coils and a soft pillow top layer. Metal tends to absorb cold temperatures better than latex and foam absorbs heat. So, if you’re a hot sleeper, innerspring mattresses may be a smart route to go down. Coils allow a lot of room for airflow and helps to direct cool temperatures back to its sleepers.

While choosing cool mattresses, sleepers might want to look into mattresses made out of organic materials. Organic mattresses are made from materials that are very breathable that don’t tend to trap much heat. Coils in the support layers of organic mattresses allow for a really good amount of airflow that will help keep its sleepers cool. 

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Organic materials are also very durable and they’re better for the environment. For sleepers who are looking for a cool mattress that is also eco-friendly, you might find a clear-cut winner in organic mattresses. 

Some very popular mattresses for hot sleepers are beds made out of a property called hyper-elastic gel polymer. The hyper-elastic gel, beside having a cool name, is a gel grid that feels very supportive and firm but once pressure is applied, it starts to soften and collapse. The gel creates big air channels and helps to circulate air flow within the mattress that doesn’t trap heat. 

Apart from finding a good fit for cooling mattresses, there are a few bedding accessories that hot sleepers might want to look into. There are devices available that offers climate control for the mattresses by blowing air right into the bed and sleepers can control the temperature. There are also mattress protectors that have special fabrics that can help to pull heat off mattresses if they’re sleeping too hot.

But ideally, accessories won’t be as effective as buying a brand new cooling mattress. 

Considering sleeping is something you’re supposed to be doing for a minimum of six hours a night, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you might want to consider getting a new mattress. A good night’s sleep will help to optimize people’s day-to-day lives and overall health benefits. 

Sleeping cool can easily be remedied with a fan or an air conditioner but it’s always the materials of the mattress that will have the biggest impact when trying to keep cool while sleeping.