How to choose the best mattress for adjustable beds

If you’re having trouble catching some Zs, adjustable beds could be the perfect versatile tool to help you get comfier nights of sleep. While adjustable beds used to have a reputation of being for old and sick people, they’ve become much more mainstream in the past few years and are being revered for their flexibility. 

Adjustable beds are made with motorized bases that can move the mattress into different positions. Using air chambers and interchangeable springs, adjustable beds are ideal for sleepers who experience a lot of body discomfort and want to change their sleeping habits on a regular basis. 

Before choosing a mattress for adjustable beds, you’ll need to first consider a budget, specific features, and overall comfort. 

Adjustable beds are traditionally controlled through a remote control but these days, are also adjusted through your smartphone. Your phone can now monitor your sleep, be programmed to give you massages, or automatically raise your head position when you wake up. 

If you’re not familiar with adjustable beds, you might be surprised with some of the benefits they can bring. Unlike regular beds, adjustable mattresses can be raised up or down at the lower or upper sections of the bed which is ideal for relieving pressure and easing pain. Adjustable mattresses have been known to help sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea, acid reflux, excessive snoring, and difficulty breathing.

Like they’ve been linked to in the past, adjustable mattresses are also great for seniors who have mobility issues and these genius beds help older people comfortably get out of bed.

Like with every other mattress, each style of adjustable mattresses offer different features that affect its overall use. 

It’s always important to learn about your options before purchasing so we’d recommend to start off with doing a good amount of research. 

Use the internet to soak up as many sources as possible, checking out retail websites and different online shops. Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to a few different options, survey a bunch of customer reviews to get an unbiased opinion. Big companies will do their best to try and sell you on a bed so they don’t always tend to be very honest and only really present the positives. Customer reviews are a great platform to get the pros and cons of products from real people.

When choosing an adjustable mattress, you’ll first want to decide if you want a mattress that has two adjustable sections or just one. 

Choose a bed that is obviously comfortable but also has strong features. Certain mattresses have USB ports that are built-in, programmable positions, under-bed lights, and wireless remotes or bluetooth capability. Obviously, adjustable mattresses that have a lot of features will get pretty pricey but there are also basic models that are much cheaper. 

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When it comes to the actual mattress on adjustable beds, you’ll need to choose between memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses. Each type of mattress comes with its benefits and it all depends on what type of sleeper you are and your nightly habits. Memory foam mattresses don’t give off a lot of bounce and tend to result in a firmer sleep. Innerspring mattresses have great air circulation and tend to sleep a lot cooler than its competitors. Hybrid mattresses are a bit of the best of both worlds and latex mattresses are prone to be very durable and comfortable. 

Adjustable beds usually come in the $1,000 to $3,500 price range and varies depending on size. The unfortunate consequence of motorized beds is they are prone to breaking down often so you might want to avoid cheaping. Like a car, anything that is motorized needs to be well-maintained and while mattresses of all kinds should be taken care of, adjustable beds can rack up a number of mechanical issues pretty quickly, which isn’t normally said about the traditional mattress. 

It’s also important to know that adjustable beds should go together with mattresses that are easily flexible that can bend. The whole point of adjustable beds is to give you options and buying a heavy mattress that doesn’t flex very well will completely neutralize the use of the motor. All foam-type of beds are usually a good option and hybrid mattresses tend to be very compatible with adjustable beds. Of the four types of beds, innerspring mattresses should be the last to consider since they don’t flex and aren’t as adaptable as others.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying adjustable mattresses but it all comes down to comfort and make-up. When choosing, you’ll seriously want to consider modernized adjustable beds that have a “zero gravity” effect. The “zero gravity” effect elevates both your upper and lower body to give you the feeling that you’re floating. The effect relieves a lot of pressure while sleeping and can help sleepers who suffer from chronic back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain. 

Imagine being able to watch TV in bed without have to prop yourself up or use a pillow as a wedge?

For people who toss and turn all night, the comfort levels of adjustable beds are plenty. If you’re laying flat on your stomach but want your legs to be elevated a bit, for example, adjustable beds can do that and your choice of mattress will depend on if you want to sleep on something firm or soft. 

If you’re considering the bed for a loved one, adjustable beds make tasks like feeding, changing, and getting out of bed a lot easier, simply because you have more options. The mattresses can be angled in a certain way to make access a lot easier. 

While the beds have a plethora of advantages, there are a few downsides. The motors do tend to be a bit noisy and the base of the bed itself can sometimes be very heavy, sometimes weighing in at close to 300 pounds. If that’s the case, you might want to do some big time research and look for a bed that is lightweight and choose a mattress that will help to promote it. Unlike regular set ups, adjustable beds have been known to be pretty ugly looking. Because it does so much, the beds are sometimes bulky and they tend to take up a lot of room. 

In the end, it’s all about comfort. So long as you’re using the mattress that’s compatible, there’s little risk of ruining your mattress. Be sure to test out plenty of options to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sleep every single night.