How to choose the best twin size mattress

The twin size mattress, also known as a single bed, was once one of the most popular sized mattresses. It’s very versatile and an affordable option for a variety of different sleepers, room sizes, and is great for a wide range of ages including toddlers to college students. It’s the perfect starter bed for kids who have outgrown their baby beds but also versatile enough for younger adults heading off to college or university. In today’s mattress world, twin size beds come second in terms of popularity after the queen size mattress.

A standard twin size bed measures 38 inches wide and 75 inches in length. Beside cribs and kid’s beds, the twin size mattress is the smallest bed on the market. Oftentimes, it’s too short for taller teens or adults to sleep comfortably without their feet hanging off the end of the bed. But because of its size, it’s very versatile in smaller roomers, tiny hotels, or rooms that host a lot of beds.

Twin mattresses also make great options for guest beds, bunk beds, daybeds, and for people who are trying to maximize bedroom space. If you’re choosing a bed and you have a lot of kids with minimal space, twin size mattresses are the best option to go with. Twin size beds are also light and easy to carry so it’s not a huge stress if you have to move around a lot.


Twin mattresses are great for kids who have outgrown their cribs or baby beds but who aren’t yet comfortable to make the leap to queen or king size mattresses. If your kid is tall, twin size mattresses might not be your best option.

For people who are sleeping by themselves, twin size mattresses offer plenty of comfort. It’s not ideal for couples as space would be the predominant issue. Often, people buy two twin size beds and put them side by side. Two twin mattresses are the equivalent of a king size mattress except five inches shorter. It does allow each person to have their own personal bed and twin size mattress tend to be very firm and comfortable.

When choosing the twin bed, they tend to be very economical and durable. It’s not a huge investment to get a twin bed so it’s great for families looking to save some money and furnish rooms for kids. If you have a lake house or a cabin in the woods, twin size beds should be your ideal choice. 

What’s great about twin size beds is they are very easy to accessorize. Because of the size’s popularity, it’s relatively easy to find linen and bed sheets to fit the bed’s dimensions which isn’t always the case with queen or king size beds. Different frames, colours, styles, and covers are readily available for twin size beds and the prices are always fair. 

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If you’re set on going forward with a twin size bed, there are a few things you need to consider once you’ve locked in the size. Consider if you want memory foam, latex, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses. All of which vary per sleeper.

Different people who have different sleeping habits will benefit from different styles of beds. Sleepers who might wake up with aches and pains need to assess if they’ll sleep better on firmer or softer mattresses. Firm beds tend to be better for heavier set people so as not to sink into the mattress as much and softer beds tend to be smarter for light-set people. 

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you might want to look at both extremes instead of something in the middle. Extra soft beds are good for people who sleep on their stomachs as it protects their vital organs but extra firm is also good to maintain proper alignment while sleeping. 

It’s always important to understand which type of sleep you are before going out to purchase a twin size mattress.

Doing your research is important. We’d recommend hopping on the internet for a few hours and really diving into the different types of beds that are available. You’ll want to take your weight and sleeping position into consideration to narrow down which twin size bed is right for you. Weigh in on whether you want to sleep on a hard or soft mattress and if you want a mattress that sleeps hot, cold, or breathes easy. After doing some research, be sure to read customer reviews from a variety of beds. Retail and company websites tend to be pretty biased but customer reviews are a great tool to get the best of both worlds and opinions from hundreds of different sleepers.

Once you’ve done some due diligence, head over to some local mattress shops and test out some beds (the best part). Be sure to engage with the salesperson and get their perspective and professional opinion on which bed might be best for you.

Twin size beds will usually run you anywhere between $600 to $1500, depending obviously on which style you choose. Some materials, like latex, are pricier and hand-crafted, organic beds will run you back a few extra bucks as well.

If you’re a fan of brand names, luxury brands will come at a higher price.

When all is said and done, be sure to choose comfort over anything else. Your twin size bed is something that you’re going to look forward to after long days at work and your comfort is the top priority. From day-to-day functionality and your overall health, choosing the right twin size mattress has the potential to actually change your life. Just make sure you’re making the right decision based on who you are as a sleeper.