Moving day is coming fast and above everything else, you’re most anxious about moving your mattress. Just imagining yourself fumbling over it as you try to move it around corners and downstairs. Moving a mattress is just plain awkward and annoying.

If you have professional movers to help you, then you’re pretty much set to go! They might give a set of instructions, but otherwise, moving your mattress is off your shoulders…literally.

However, hiring movers is not cheap. On the more likely chance that you yourself are moving, or helping someone else, you need to know how to safely and properly move a mattress. Luckily, we’ve got the steps easily laid out for you below. But first, you might be wondering if moving your mattress is even worth it.

Should I just replace my mattress?

It may seem like a lot of hassle, but mattresses don’t come cheap. So before you leave your mattress behind, ask yourself these questions:

  • How old is my mattress? If it’s around 7-10 years, then it would probably be worth it to get a new one delivered to your new place of residence. That’s the average shelf life for most quality mattresses.
  • Is my mattress sagging or dented? It’s definitely time to let it go then. Check out these instructions on how to properly dispose of a mattress.
  • Is my mattress comfortable for me? Think about your sleep quality lately. Is it hard to fall asleep? If you’re not comfortable or sleeping well, then you may want to replace it with the help of our complete guide on choosing the best mattress.

Moving is a good time to consider the status of your mattress. But don’t opt for letting it go if you just invested in it or it’s still in good shape.

How to move a mattress: 5 easy steps

1. Get help from friends or family

What is the reasoning behind the song “With a Little Help from My Friends” if it isn’t asking friends to help us move? All jokes aside, this is the time to ask our neighbors, family or friends to lend a hand. Moving a mattress is just easier with multiple hands.

Couple Setting Up Bed Together in New Home

2. Consider your mattress size

Size matters. This may not be a priority in your mind, but this will set the stage for the rest of your moving strategy. Depending on the size and type of your mattress, you can do the following things to ease the process:

  • Ensure you measure your mattress and the doors you’re moving it through.
  • Fold it! Though this doesn’t work for every type of mattress, it will do wonders for a larger, thin foam or latex mattress. Just make sure you fold it width-wise and keep the side you sleep on in the inside while moving it to the vehicle. Avoid keeping it folded once you’re ready to secure it!
  • Split it up. This will work best for something like a split size king mattress. Don’t go splitting a mattress that isn’t made for it.

3. Make some space

Before moving your mattress out of your bedroom, take everything else out first. Remove your mattress off its bed frame/box spring so you can take those apart. Then lean your mattress up against the wall and get to work decluttering the rest of your space.

If you’re committed to moving a mattress, then it’s necessary to avoid possible interferences or slip-ups. You’ll need ample space for preparation and transit. Clear any pathway that you and your moving team will maneuver through.

4. Protect the mattress with the right equipment

Now it’s time to gather your equipment to protect the mattress for the move. You’ll likely need the following equipment:

  • Waterproof mattress cover: Just slide this over your mattress to keep it clean and protected through transit. Make sure that all the air pockets are pushed out of the bag.
  • Tape and scissors: Have these useful tools at the ready! They may come in handy for cutting rope or taping your mattress in place within its cover.
  • Cardboard: If you’re able to get a large piece of cardboard, it helps to stabilize mattresses that are on the floppy side.
  • Poly ropes, ratchet straps: These are worth the purchase to not only keep your mattress in place but to secure it in your moving vehicle.

5. Transport and secure in the right vehicle

Putting your mattress on top of your car might not do it for this part. It’s important to choose the right moving vehicle to protect your mattress and others on the road. If you’re moving anyways, you may even want to rent a van, pickup truck, or U-Haul to log the rest of your belongings.

Carry your mattress out to the vehicle carefully, then load it by leaning it against one side and securing it in place with your ratchet straps. If your ratchet straps fall short, just hook two of them together.

Alternatively, you can secure your mattress flat, as long as it’s not a memory foam mattress. But be mindful of sharp angles and not packing too much on top of it.

What if I’m moving a mattress on my own?

Hopefully, you’re able to source the help of some friends or family, but in a scenario where this isn’t possible, you can still move a mattress on your own. This process will resemble the steps mentioned above, just with some additional reinforcements or options.

Get a dolly

It’s pretty much impossible to safely carry a mattress on your own. Do your body and mattress a favor and get something on wheels to help move your mattress to the vehicle. This might be helpful if you’re moving it up any stairs – just don’t roll your dolly down any stairs. Carefully carry it down step by step.

Ship it to your new place

If you don’t have a big moving van, this is a viable option to explore. You might not need to hire professional movers, but you can still hire a shipping company to safely transport your mattress. It might be worthwhile to check in with a company like that ship heavier items like mattresses for you at a reasonable price. They quote you based on size and distance.

Hopefully moving your mattress doesn’t seem as stressful anymore. As long as you protect it and tread carefully through each step, you should have your mattress safely at its new home in no time! Good luck and happy moving!