Bed sheet pillows and blanket messed up in the morningAs much as we wish that our mattress can last a lifetime, the truth is, they can succumb to the pressure of our body weight lying on them night after night. We use our mattresses a lot. That’s why nobody knows our mattresses better than we do. So when we feel a burgeoning sag in the middle, it’s pretty noticeable.

It’s noticeable in the quality of sleep you’re getting as a result. And it may also show up in how your body feels in the morning. That sore back or stiff hip you’re feeling? Your sagging mattress could be to blame.

All this to say, none of us deserve to sleep on a sagging mattress. While it’s not necessarily possible to reverse a sag, there are ways to avoid or delay it from happening further. Regardless of how well we tend to our mattresses, their shelf life is 8-10 years anyways. So it’s only a matter of time before it will be time to replace it.

But you can try to save your current mattress’s sag sentence before that time comes. Or know how to all-out prevent it from happening once you do get a new one. Continue reading to learn some simple tips and tricks to prevent your mattress from sagging.

Why a mattress sags

Mattresses start sagging for a few reasons. If you sleep with a partner and particularly, if you cuddle with said partner in the middle of the bed while you sleep, then this might explain the sag.

Another reason could be pets. If you have a big dog that sleeps on your bed during the day, this could also be contributing to that forming mattress dip. And if this is true, consider leaving your bedroom door closed throughout the day.

Sagging is likely to show up if your mattress is made up of memory foam, latex or other cushioning types. These plush mattresses can just start to feel softer the longer they’re used. Either that or the material isn’t just good quality. Some mattress manufacturers cut corners on quality by using low-density foam or inadequate coils.

Always be cautiously optimistic of seemingly good price deals. And remember, even though it might be a lot of cash upfront, you gain back your investment by being able to have quality sleep every night for the next 8-10 years.

Will sagging impact my health?

The short answer—yes. If you brush past a sagging mattress and write it off, then your health and sleep quality will be affected. A sagging mattress could impact your sleep or health in the following ways:

How to prevent your mattress from sagging


The ultimate secret to ensuring your mattress won’t sag is by getting a mattress that is less prone to sagging. While the fixes mentioned above can prolong a mattress’s life and avoid further sagging, what’s done is done. It may be time to invest in a better mattress that supports your body, sleep and gives you a healthier, happier lifestyle. That sounds worth the spend, no?