We’ve all been there.  It’s a hot summer night, the window is open, the fan is on, but it’s still too hot to sleep.  Not only is being too hot to sleep frustrating, it can lead to less time asleep and reduce sleep quality by waking you up every so often during the night.

What’s more, if you’ve got a memory foam mattress, you might notice that it’s not you that feels hot, but the mattress too.  Why is that, and can anything be done to rectify the problem?

In fact, a very common owner critique of memory foam mattresses is that they can feel too hot for a comfortable sleep, especially in those summer months!  In this article we explain why memory foam mattresses can heat up more easily than other mattresses, and what we can do about it to keep ourselves cool.

Memory Foam and Temperature

Memory foam was originally designed to be very energy absorbent.  This means that on a particularly hot night, your mattress will be absorbing the heat around it as well as your body heat.  Traditional memory foam mattresses are relatively dense, leaving little room for airflow within the mattress itself.

In addition, because memory foam is made up of a synthetic and non-breathable material, the heat that is absorbed builds up in the mattress, and then is directed right back at you, instead of simply being dissipated.  In fact, the memory foam material actually uses your body heat to contour your body and mold itself to your particular shape.

As a result, the longer you sleep on it and the hotter the environment, the hotter the mattress will feel.  This is why memory foam mattresses may feel like they get progressively hotter as the night goes on.  If you sleep with a partner, your problem can get doubly worse, because now you’re dealing with two warm bodies heating up that energy absorbent mattress.

Add all this up, and you’ve got a potential for some sleepless nights on memory foam, especially if you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature.

How to Make A Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

If you’ve identified that your memory foam mattress is getting too hot, and that it’s harming your ability to get a good night’s sleep, we’ve put together some solutions for you.

Cooling Off Memory Foam

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress that feels like it’s heating up every time you get into bed can be frustrating, but before you look at replacing a new mattress altogether, give the tips listed here a try in order to cool off.