Low angle view of a mature woman setting up her bed in her new home.It’s not just a mattress you need. Or even the perfect pillow and sheets. You also need to think of your bed frame as a staple item.

Finding the right bed frame is an equally important decision when it comes to quality sleep hygiene. If you know your system holding up the mattress is sturdy, comfortable and even stylish, you can go to bed assured that your sleep environment is in tip top shape.

Why is it important to have a bed frame?

You can’t have a house without a foundation, so why would the place that you spend at least 26 years of your life sleeping be any different? A quality bed frame is especially important for the following reasons:

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5 Tips for buying the right bed frame

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The main types of bed frames

Traditional bed frame

This is a very simplistic bed frame, and generally about 25 inches from the ground. Traditional bed frames are usually made with head, foot and side rails.


  • Goes well with taller ceilings

  • Is usually made with wheels (casters) to make moving around easier


  • Usually requires a box spring to be more comfortable

  • Very simple and not as aesthetically pleasing

Platform bed frame

One of the most classic, stylish and sleek options to choose from. A platform bed frame will be lower to the ground (around 18 inches) and the mattress sits on top of it.


  • Good for small spaces

  • Cost-effective

  • Can use any mattress with them


  • Harder to climb in or out of if you have back and knee issues
  • May be too firm for some sleepers

Storage bed frame

Storage beds are similar to platform beds, only they have compartments or drawers for storage at the base.


  • Helps limit the amount of furniture in your room
  • Sturdy and solid construction

  • Useful for storing extra clothes or anything else you need to put away if you have limited closet space


  • Heavy and more difficult to move
  • More expensive

Adjustable bed frame

This is a multi-hinged bed frame that works well for those who have various sleeping needs or need to adjust bed positioning on a regular basis. Adjustable beds can range from 12 to 18 inches in height


  • You can switch up positioning anytime you need
  • Good for those who sit up in bed a lot


  • Only works with mattresses that are adjustable base friendly or else it could ruin a mattress
  • More expensive

Upholstered bed frame

This is the type of bed frame you’re probably used to seeing in photographs because it’s all about the comfy luxury.


  • Makes a strong decor statement
  • Comfortable support and soft headboard

  • Come in a variety of colors


  • Not the best option if you have cats or dogs
  • Takes up more square footage so not ideal for smaller bedrooms

  • More susceptible to dust mites

Choose the perfect bed frame

Ultimately, bed frames come in a wide range of styles. As long as you find one that fits your home, mattress and sleeping needs, then you’ve got yourself the perfect bed frame!