Young woman examining orthopaedic mattress in the shopShopping for a new mattress can feel akin to shopping for a new car, just maybe not as glamorous. But they share a commonality in being pretty important life purchases. There’s a lot to consider before you feel comfortable committing and swiping your credit card, which brings us to one of the biggest deciding factors for people: cost. Mattress price ranks heavily for many as a top consideration in their decision-making.

As you’re flipping through mattress company sites, you’ll notice a range of options and prices to suit every budget. But as you skim through the higher prices (we’re talking upwards from $13,000 – $100,000) – you may be wondering – are these mattresses made of gold? Even models priced at around $1,000 seem hefty, but at least a lot more reasonable. Mattresses are one of those items that we should definitely invest in, but at what cost?

Seriously—why are these mattresses so expensive?

Beyond the fact that we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress, they are definitely one item that we need to have quality sleep and healthy lives. That’s why you want to get the best value for your money’s worth. But what is it that makes expensive mattresses so expensive and more importantly, is it worth it? We’ll dive into this and more below.

Why are mattresses expensive?

Good question! And the answer is multi-faceted, because it depends on the following factors:

How much should I spend on a quality mattress?

Luxury mattresses: are they better?

So we’ve covered why it’s worth investing in a mattress and the potential reasons behind a high price tag. But are higher cost, more luxury end mattresses better than a budget-friendly mattress?

While luxury mattresses may be better in some degrees, it doesn’t necessarily mean better sleep. You can rest assured knowing that your sleep quality is not heavily dependent on purchasing the most expensive mattress on the market.

Certainly, luxury expensive mattresses have their advantages. They’re made up of natural materials, generate minimal emissions, are handcrafted, have thermal regulation and a lush construction to boot. Most importantly, it’s all in the craftsmanship – there will be a lot more care and intention behind the build of the mattress. There’s also something to be said about thinking something is better based on how much it costs. If you have the means and want to spend, then go for it!

Higher cost doesn’t always mean better sleep

Ultimately, you should always consider long term support and health over short-term price anyways. When you look at mattresses as an investment in your sleep and better quality of life overall, then there is value in paying a little bit more. But we recommend staying in the $500 – $1200 range. It’s worth noting that you can still have quality sleep and rest on a mattress that is also friendly to your wallet.