Bed with tilt adjustment mattress bed in the bedroom of the houseDo you think of adjustable beds and just imagine a hospital room, packed with people who are unable to move except for the up and down motion that their bed provides? Well, we’re here to break it to you—they’re not just for hospitals or seniors anymore!

In fact, adjustable bed frames, also known as power beds or power bases, are gaining traction in the sleep world—becoming increasingly recognized for their various health benefits and helping people get a better night’s sleep. While this technology has been around for a while in the healthcare industry, it’s finally having a moment in the sleep and mattress industry at large. And you don’t have to be sick or unwell to take advantage of one.

Manufacturers have picked up on how much adjustable beds make an impact in people’s lives. As such, they’ve finally created plenty more options for consumers to choose from. These motorized frames have done a lot to improve sleep, increase independence and enhance lives overall. But if you’re here reading this, perhaps you need a little more persuasion for why an adjustable bed is essential to your health.

The top 7 health benefits of an adjustable bed

Is an adjustable bed frame right for you?

Bed with tilt adjustment mattress bed in the bedroom of the house

Hopefully this article has convinced you that an adjustable bed is a one-way ticket to better health and sleep. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, whether you have a medical condition or not, adjustable beds offer numerous benefits and enrich your life in so many ways. As a result, adjustable beds have a higher price tag but when it comes to your health and wellbeing—it’s 100% worth it.