girl wearing a hijab sits on a couch with her little sister on her lap and reads her a bedtime storyIt’s all well and good if you’re trying to fall asleep as an adult on your own terms. But throwing a young child (or more) into the mix? That can be a battle zone. If you’re a parent trying to get your kids to fall asleep—you’re familiar with how challenging it can be to get little ones to rest.

What’s more, they need a lot more sleep than adults do. But they will fight and resist bedtime as much as they would vegetables at dinner time. Unfortunately, if kids don’t get enough sleep, this could spell trouble for the whole family, not to mention—it could put a strain on your own sleep quality. So what’s the solution?

We wish that there was a magic button we could tell you about to make your kids fall asleep. Instead, we have the next best thing: some helpful tips and tricks to get your kids to bed every night.

How much sleep should my child be getting?

It’s probably helpful to be sure of the amount of sleep your child needs. Especially in the first few years of rapid developmental growth, the total number of sleep hours and napping habits will change. These are the recommended hours of sleep, including naps, according to the National Sleep Foundation:

10 secret tricks for getting your kids to sleep at night

Final thoughts

Sleep is vital to the health and well-being of your children. Establishing boundaries, healthy sleep habits and reassurance will help your child (and yourself) get the sleep that you need. Once you make a plan and put these tips into use, you’ll hopefully see improvements. Putting your kids to bed should be a source of joy, frustration.

However, if even after making adjustments your child is experiencing frequent nightmares or interrupted sleep, talk to your pediatrician—there could be something deeper happening and it’s worth getting checked.