comfortable mattress closeup macro view pattern backgroundHere’s What You Should Know

So you’ve started to mattress shop and you’re realizing there’s a lot of decision-making behind choosing the best mattress. Not to mention all of the terminology that’s thrown around in product marketing. Through the sea of fancy features and terms, you’re constantly wondering—what is important and what isn’t? We’re here to tell you that comfort layers are important for your sleep. And in this article, we’ll explain why.

What is a comfort layer?

A comfort layer is the top padding layer of a mattress, usually the upper few inches that are built into the mattress unit. It both works as a buffer between the support or foundation layer and also just makes your mattress nicer to lay on. Furthermore, it’s usually what influences a comfort rating of mattresses (firm, plush, ultraplush, pillowtop, etc.). Comfort layers can be made from a variety of materials including: polyurethane foam, memory foam, gel, micro-coils, latex, and natural or artificial fibers.

What is the difference between a comfort layer and a support layer?

While the comfort layer is the top padding layer, the support layer is the bottom core layer of a mattress. A comfort layer is usually softer and thinner while the support layer is the core structure, therefore it’s thicker. It serves the main role of providing overall body alignment and maintaining the durability and airflow of a mattress. Common support materials include: memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex, and/or coils.

Both layers are common in quality mattresses because they’re equally important to the overall utility and purpose of a mattress.

What are the benefits of comfort layers?

Happy couple testing mattress in storeWhat mattress comfort layer material is best?

It’s not easy to nail down the best comfort layer material without first understanding what the difference between each of them is. Perhaps what might work for you, might not work for someone else and vice versa. Therefore, some brief insight into each comfort layer material is useful in deciding what to look for when you’re shopping for a mattress.

You’re one step closer to finding a perfect mattress

The comfort layer is an important mattress component. Once you have knowledge on what to look for in a comfort layer and why it’s important to consider—you’ll be more informed in your final buying decision. Happy shopping!