There’s no better time than the present than to get a mattress protector! You may be questioning the necessity of yet another thing to buy, on top of your already expensive mattress. Or maybe you’ve had your current mattress for a few years and have been just fine thus far.

The truth is, we can’t predict the future. And a mattress protector is a relatively inexpensive way to avoid expensive remedies, should something unexpected ever happen with your mattress.

Just as you should prime your walls before painting, you should put a mattress protector over your mattress to safeguard it and keep it in top shape. And besides the ease of wrapping around your mattress like a fitted sheet, mattress protectors provide a number of benefits. Also – you can barely feel them when you sleep!

Here’s 6 good reasons why you need a mattress protector

What to consider before buying a mattress protector

Have we convinced you to get a mattress protector yet? Now that you’re (hopefully) on the “yes” side, here’s some key things to look out for in your new prospective purchase:

  • It’s actually 100% waterproof;
  • Check for positive reviews;
  • It fits your bed like a glove – double-check your mattress dimensions to ensure it will fit hassle-free; and,
  • The material is cooling and breathable.

Now you know why you need a mattress protector and how to look for the right one. Ultimately, getting a mattress protector will be an easy way to safeguard your mattress and body for the long haul. That’s more of an investment than the mattress itself!