Here’s How Couples Can Sleep Through the Night

Happy couple lying on bed at home raising legs upIf you and your partner are in the market for a new mattress, then you’ll quickly pick up how tricky it becomes when you factor two unique individuals into the equation. And it’s not like you’re just deciding on where to eat food for the evening; you sleep on your mattress every night. And the better sleep we get, the better our health, mood and energy.

So there’s a lot to consider not only for each other’s sleep but also your overall relationship satisfaction. According to WebMD, sleep is related to marital satisfaction. For both men and women, their sleep affects their relationship functioning. Potential sleep disorders, different sleeping styles, firmness preferences, movement and habits all make up for some tough challenges to overcome together. While you may be compatible during waking hours, you may not be in-sync during sleeping hours. This is where the right tools and mattress comes in handy.

Compromise is a useful tool, but how can you do it if you share the same bed? After all, you don’t want any sleep issues to spill into your daily lives. Continue reading to find out how you can sleep better as a couple, including what to look for in a mattress that ensures you’re both getting those zzzzz’s. And better yet, the exact mattress that is probably exactly what you need.

Common sleep problems that affect couples

These are some of the most common challenges that impact the way couples sleep together:

So what can you do if one or more of the above are preventing either of you from getting a good night’s sleep? Luckily, there are some approaches and ways you can both sleep peacefully.

Shot of a young woman covering her ears with a pillow while her husband snores in bed

How to sleep better as a couple

What makes a good ‘couple’ mattress?

The best mattress for couples who have different sleep preferences

This is hands down a split-king size mattress—just think about it. It’s essentially putting two twin XL beds (38 x 80 inches) together side-by-side. But each side has its own custom firmness, you’re guaranteed motion isolation, enough individual space and it still feels like you’re sharing the same bed. You can even connect them with a pad that rests where the two mattresses meet. The best of both worlds and there’s little compromise involved. A split-king size mattress is definitely the way to go if you’re a couple with varying needs looking for a mattress. Now that the size matter is settled, check out this article to see why you may want to consider hybrid mattresses if you’re partnered up.