Memory foam mattresses are all the rage lately. They are made from petroleum-based materials that give the mattress its contouring, comfortable and responsive effects. Everyone is catching on to the surge in memory foam popularity and the numerous benefits they provide for sleep quality. And now everyone includes you!

While you may be reaping the benefits of your memory foam mattress, or thinking about getting one – there’s something you should know: they need to be cleaned and cared for. We suggest doing a thorough cleaning about every six months to maintain the mattress and your worthy investment.

This is true to any mattress, but the process for cleaning a memory foam mattress is a tad different. Additionally, these mattresses will absorb sweat, dead skin and dust mites over time if you refrain from taking care of it.

We’ve outlined simple steps for you to clean your memory foam mattress below so you can continue to get restorative sleep for years to come.

5 steps to clean your memory foam mattress

How to keep your mattress clean long-term

While the above steps are good to come back to every time you clean your mattress, there are some ways to maintain a clean mattress and prevent further damage.

It’s all worth it…

Remember – we sleep at least a third of our lives. Our mattresses are big investments that determine the quality of our sleep and overall health. Applying these cleaning methods will help you get the sleep you deserve while making the most out of your purchase.

If your memory foam mattress is nearing the end of its life span, you may want to consult our guide to choosing your next mattress.